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Xian Small Goose Pagoda

The pagoda is located at south part of Youyi Road in Xi'an city area, in what used to be Jianfu Temple in Anrenfang of Tang Dynasty Chang'an, which is one of two famous pagodas in the city of Xi'an, the site of the old Han and Tang capital Chang'an. 

The Goose Pagoda

The pagoda stood 45 meters until the 1557 Shaanxi earthquake. The pagoda has a brick frame built around a hollow interior, and its square base and shape reflect the building style of other pagodas from the era, and Small Wild Goose Pagoda is a multi-eave, square building of fifteen storeys. Originally it was 47 meters high,  It has a square pedestal and a huge first storey, whose sides measure around 12 meters long each.

Jianfu Temple Pagoda

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