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Lijiang tours

Amazing China Trip offers 1 and 2-day customized group and private tours to Lijiang, the land of Naxi, the descendants of Tibetian nomads who wrote a 500-volume poem in their own unique language of pictograms.

Lijiang is a small city cradled in a picturesque mountain valley. So don’t forget your camera with you when you go because you are likely to take some lovely pictures. The best way to travel around is by bicycle. The sightseeing outside the city must definitely include the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Baisha Village. By the way, you might need some time to adapt to the place since it is located at a pretty high altitude of 2,400 m above the sea.

Private 2 Days Lijiang tour
Private 2 Days Lijiang tour
Duration: 2 days
Tour Code: AMC - 037
Tour Type: Pivate Tour
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The highlight of the city is the Lions Hill with the radio tower on top of it.

Everything to the west of the hill is considered to be the New Town that looks like thousands of valley towns in China. Everything to the east is known as the Old Town and it is here that all the wonderful things are: narrow cobbled streets, gardens of stones, old wooden houses, water canals and lively market life. If you come early in the morning you will see Naxi women in traditional bright clothes. Here, at the markets, you can buy traditional embroidery and patterned textiles. If you are lucky you could also meet Xuan Ke, an English-speaking enthusiast, who turned his own house into a museum!

Lijiang is an extremely positive place: there are a number of ethnical festivals and lots of cafes, pubs and restaurants to celebrate them or just relax inside. The local specialties include goat cheese, Naxi omelet, Naxi sandwich and we also recommend to try yinjiu, local wine. The locals are also musical, every night you can enjoy a concert of unique Chinese temple music in the Old City.

If you aren’t convinced, the final pro for going to Lijiang is that it’s never crowed because most people think it’s at the back of beyond. May be, but nobody ever regrets coming here.